Main Types of Electrical Emergencies

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Main Types of Electrical Emergencies by Energized Electric in Portland OR

Whether it’s a sudden power outage, sparking outlets, or other unforeseen issues, electrical emergencies are a real nightmare for home and business owners. Not only do they disrupt daily life, but they can also severely compromise your safety without professional assistance. 

Knowing about the main types of electrical emergencies can help you detect unsafe situations early and take decisive measures in times of crisis. In this guide, the experts at Energized Electric LLC will shed light on which electrical issues are most likely to cause serious problems—as well as how you can prevent them. 

Most Common Electrical Emergencies

The most common types of electrical emergencies include:

  • Power outages: From rainstorms and grid failures to general equipment malfunctions, power outages are never convenient. You can troubleshoot by looking for tripped breakers, but if that isn’t the cause, you should report the outage to your utility company and call an electrician. 
  • Sparks: In some cases, sparks are just a sign of static electricity. However, if the sparks persist, have a strong odor, or come with other problems like loose electrical components, they could be a sign of a serious problem. Start by switching off the circuit breaker and contacting an expert. 
  • Electrical fires: Electrical fires can happen for a variety of reasons, including faulty wiring or pipe leaks. Whatever sparks the fire, though, it’s important to take quick action and protect your safety. While a Class-C extinguisher can help against small fires, you may need to evacuate and call emergency services for severe situations. 
  • Exposed wiring: Regular wear and tear or rodent damage can lead to exposed wires over time. If you notice any outside of your walls, you may have more buried where you can’t see them. If left unchecked, they may cause a fire. Never try to handle exposed wiring on your own; instead, call an electrician. 
  • Faulty circuit breakers: Commonly caused by overloaded circuits or worn-out components, faulty circuit breakers could cause uneven power distribution throughout your home. This could be caused by overloaded circuits or a worn-out breaker. Regardless of the cause, if your breaker doesn’t work after one reset, you should seek professional assistance. 

How to Avoid Electrical Emergencies

Proactively safeguarding your home from potential electrical emergencies is key to maintaining a safe and functional living environment. To prevent a crisis before it can occur, try following these steps:

  • Schedule regular inspections: Have a licensed electrician conduct regular inspections of your electrical system at least once every two or three years. 
  • Avoid overloading circuits: Plug devices into multiple outlets to prevent overloading a single circuit, and consider investing in surge protectors. 
  • Use appliances properly:  Adhere to recommended usage guidelines for all electrical appliances and keep them in good condition. 
  • Weatherproof your outdoor outlets: Ensure outdoor outlets are weatherproof to prevent water damage.
  • Avoid DIY projects: While it may be tempting to try and save money by DIY-ing your electrical system, always leave this work to certified professionals. 
  • Update outdated appliances or wiring: If your home has outdated wiring, consider upgrading to meet modern safety standards.

Emergency Electricians in Portland OR

In times of electrical emergencies, trust Energized Electric LLC to be your reliable partner in ensuring a swift and effective resolution. As experienced emergency electricians, we understand the urgency of addressing critical situations that impact the safety and functionality of your home. Our team of licensed professionals is available around the clock, ready to provide expert assistance with issues such as power outages, sparking outlets, faulty circuit breakers, and more. 

Your safety is our commitment, and we are here to keep your home powered, secure, and operating seamlessly. Call us today to get started. 

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