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Home Electric Remodeling

Electrical remodeling is an excellent way to improve the aesthetics, safety, and functionality of your home. From replacing outdated wiring to integrating new features or technologies, Energized Electric has you covered! Our team of experienced and licensed electricians is dedicated to ensuring that your project is completed quickly, safely, and to the highest standards of quality. We understand that every home is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to each and every project. Some of the electrical remodeling services we offer include:


Have an old home with an outdated electrical system? It may be time for a full house rewire.

Voltage Upgrade

Increase the efficiency and capacity of your system with a voltage upgrade.

Charging Station Installation

Drive an electric vehicle? A home charging station is a must.

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Benefits of Home Electric Remodeling

When most people think of home remodels, they imagine brand new kitchen countertops or fresh flooring. Though electrical remodeling is often overlooked, it can have just as powerful of an impact over the look and feel of your space. Revamping your electrical system offers a number of benefits such as:


We will examine the condition of your current wiring and replace anything that is outdated or at risk of becoming a fire hazard. We can also replace old fixtures or outlets with newer and safer options.


From relocating inconvenient outlets to setting up a smart home system, your project is the perfect opportunity to optimize your electrical system based on your everyday needs.

Energy Efficiency

With newer and more efficient fixtures, your electrical system will help conserve energy every time you turn on a switch. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also result in serious cost savings over time.


Highlight the areas of your home that you love most with new fixtures that fit your style. Upgrading your electrical system allows you to effortlessly enhance the appearance of each room.

Increased Property Value

Between lower utility bills, increased safety, and aesthetic improvement, an electrical upgrade will make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

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At Energized Electric, we understand that remodeling can be a stressful and disruptive process. That’s why we work closely with our customers throughout each stage of the project to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. From permitting to the final walkthrough, we strive to provide you with a pleasant, personalized experience that will bring your creative vision to reality. Kick off your project with a free quote today!

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