New Construction

Building a new house can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also can also be a stressful process. Creating the home of your dreams requires careful planning, attention to detail, and continuous communication between you and all of your contractors. Though it may feel overwhelming to start building a house from the ground up, the results are worth it. 

At Energized Electric, we strive to make the new construction process as enjoyable and painless as possible. With over a decade of experience serving the greater Portland OR area, our highly skilled electricians know how to deliver outstanding results and beautiful solutions that are tailored to your needs. Ready to kick off your project? Get a free quote today!

Electrical Planning and Design

Electrical planning and design is the process of mapping out every aspect of your electrical system. During this process, the sky’s the limit! From strategically-placed outlets to advanced features like smart home integration, now is the time to flex your creativity and incorporate elements that will make everyday life a delight. Our contractors will work closely with you throughout each stage of your project to blend your ideas with safe and practical features to help you create an exceptional final product.

What Does Electrical Construction Include?

Electrical construction includes the design and installation of a completely new system. We proudly offer comprehensive services. We’ll handle everything electrical, so you can focus on the other more creative aspects of building your new home. Our electrical new construction services include:

  • Working with you to design a custom layout
  • Obtaining all necessary permits
  • Installing all wiring, equipment, fixtures, and appliances
  • Testing and inspecting each aspect of your new system
  • Performing a final walk-through for quality

Why Experience Matters

When it comes to an electrical system, poor planning or installation won’t just diminish the aesthetic appeal of your home. At best, low quality workmanship will disrupt the flow of everyday life with small problems like misplaced outlets or wonky switches. At worst, it could violate code and pose a serious safety threat to you and your family. A skilled and experienced electrician will be able to produce stunning and practical results that will keep your space safe for years to come.

Light Up Your New Home

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable electrician for your new construction project, look no further than Energized Electric! We are a full-service electrical contractor that specializes in new home builds. With over a decade of experience serving the Portland OR area, we know how to design and install systems that are safe, aesthetically pleasing, and optimized for your lifestyle. Our licensed team takes pride in delivering top-notch workmanship and quality customer care to make your project a breeze. Want to learn more or get started? Call us today to get a lightning quick quote!

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