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Are you expanding your home or adding new electrical appliances? A voltage upgrade may be just what you need to ensure that your electrical system can handle the increased load. If your system is not up to par for your daily power needs, you may experience low or fluctuating power – eventually leading to problems such as damaged devices or fire hazards. With a voltage upgrade, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical system is capable of handling all of your power needs. Learn more or get started by giving us a call today!

Signs You Need a Voltage Upgrade

Voltage problems are easy to overlook, but they can cause major problems down the road if you let them persist. Knowing how to spot the signs of low or fluctuating power can help you protect your home and keep your electrical system working optimally. Some common signs that your home needs a voltage upgrade include:

  • Uneven dimming or brightening of lights
  • Bulbs that flicker or go out prematurely
  • Frequent electronic device failure
  • Power spikes or surges
  • You plan to add on to your home
  • Your appliances need higher voltage

Voltage Upgrade FAQs

What does a voltage upgrade include?

During a voltage upgrade, an electrician will modify your circuit so it can handle a higher total voltage. Doing so will allow your entire electrical system to handle more power so you can use more appliances without worrying about overloading or damaging it. At Energized Electric, we handle everything from the initial inspection of your current setup to final inspections that check for quality and safety.

What causes low voltage in a house?

Low voltage can cause a number of issues throughout your electrical system. But, what causes this problem in the first place? Fluctuations in your voltage can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Old or deteriorating wiring
  • Faulty electrical installation
  • Overloaded circuit or power supply
  • Temporary power interruptions caused by weather

Is it hazardous for my house to have low voltage?

Since most voltage issues are the result of bigger problems with your electrical system, low or fluctuating voltage can be hazardous in your home. As with any electrical problems, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance to avoid potentially serious property damage or safety hazards.

Should I get a voltage upgrade even if my voltage isn’t low?

Most older homes in the United States were built with a 120V circuit, while newer houses are typically made with a 240V circuit. While the 120V is sufficient for most households, there are some advantages to upgrading your voltage even if it isn’t low. The main benefits of a 240V circuit include:

  • Ability to power larger appliances: Some household appliances require a lot of energy, such as air conditioners or heating systems. Upgrading your voltage will allow you to power these appliances with less risk of overloading your panel and tripping your breakers. 
  • Capability to expand your electric system: If you’re looking to add onto your home or make some renovations, then you’ll likely want to expand your electrical system. Having a higher voltage will allow you to do so without worrying about overloading your system.
  • Improved safety: Accidentally overloading your electrical system can have serious consequences such as overheating wiring, fire hazards, and complete power shutdowns. Expanding your voltage capabilities will prevent this problem from happening. 

Home Voltage Upgrades

When you want to expand your voltage capabilities, turn to Energized Electric! Whether you’re preparing for a renovation project or you are experiencing common problems associated with low voltage, we will bolster your system to handle all of your power needs. As a family owned business that is not unionized, we take pride in providing flexible services with a personal touch. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your voltage upgrade is performed safely, affordably, and to the highest standards of quality. Get in touch to receive your free quote!

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